My name is Edison, and I'm concerned about the state of current affairs in my country (U.S), but also for citizens of tyrannical governments everywhere. As such, I recognize I am - we all are - living with borrowed time. Massive changes are unfolding as I type this description, but the most important to take note of is the dwindling ability for lower to middle income individuals and families to sustain their energy needs. 

I'm 22 years old, and quite frankly, I'm worried about what the world might look like for my generation moving forward. This is an effort to change our trajectory. And, I am most qualified to spearhead this mission because of my general competency, but also my longing for a better world for everyone. 

So, what exactly is the mission?

The mission is simple: to develop several hedges against globalism, monopolized media, and to develop sustainable, clean, alternative methods to fossil fuels.

In the 1980's, Stanley Meyer discovered the ability to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water using electricity, also known as electrolysis. He was able to drive a dune buggy completely on water.

This has been repeated several times over by different people, and yet every time, there seemed to be government intervention preventing these people from going public / viral with their discoveries. 

Many will say HHO is a fraud, while others claim it will fundamentally remove powers from government and monopolized big oil.

I want to develop this technology, and make it viral. I will do this by testing on my own vehicle first, and hopefully continue to fine tune it on a range of vehicles. At the very worst, this technology will give you as high as 3 times the gas mileage your vehicle is used to getting. And at best, we can move away from fossil fuels, take back power from these power brokers, and fundamentally change lives.

Creating and fine-tuning a hydrogen fuel cell for market is one dismal example of the ambitions I have, and at this point my biggest obstacle is not being over my own finances. I simply don't make enough at my job to buy the time needed to develop these ideas further, though I have put actions into motion regarding a censor-free social media platform. 

I'd be more than happy to speak directly to anyone considering seriously, funding my mission(s). Perhaps that will give you a better idea of why I'm the man for this job. I'm sick of the complete overstepping of the united states government, and while I cannot stop them alone, this is me seeking your assistance. 

Email me at: if you'd like to reach me directly. Otherwise, any contributions can greatly be considered an effort to change the trajectory of our world as-is.