This year, my children's father brought myself to family court to force vaccination on both of our girls. I was unable to be legally represented due to past court cases and an outstanding balance. I fought hard but I believe the judge already had his mind made up from the start of the case. My 13 year Lexi has said she wants it so she doesn't get punished in school however their school no longer contact traces and quarantines. But he still pushed this in court. Prior to this, she was adamant and very vocal about not receiving it. My 11 year old, Kylee is adamant about not receiving it. On March 9th, Judge Bayley ordered my girls to receive the vaccine within 2 weeks. I am looking to appeal which alone has a filing cost of $550. I want to get Kylee her own lawyer so her voice can be heard in court. I also would like to get representation as that's my best chance with my kids safety and the courts felt it was necessary to vaccinate my children who have already had asymptomatic covid. Any support would first go to filing fee and Kylee's attorney. 

It won't allow me to add a picture of Kylee but I attached one of my favorite songs because it gives me hope.