Do you like music? Are you a Christian of any denomination looking for an opportunity to make a real difference with a small donation?  If so, then I am humbly requesting your help to help my church with an immediate need!

I have been attending Duck United Methodist Church since I was a Junior in High School.  Duck Church is the type of church that may remind you of a bygone era!  The people express a sincere desire to support their community.  You can feel it in the air when you walk in the church.  I became involved in the adult choir and youth group as soon as I began attending.  Because of my enthusiasm, my dad and my younger brother now sing in the adult choir for both traditional services each Sunday.  Right now I live in Indianapolis and attend college at IUPUI, but I really miss Duck Church and now I want to take the opportunity to shine a light on our church and get the word out so you can help them. Because I am a poor college student, I can’t help much financially, but I am trying to use my time and resources to help by putting out this call for donations.

A couple of weeks ago, a large section of our church organ’s keyboards and circuitry just quit!  When you play the organ, many keys play at such a low volume that you can barely hear them. Our organist, Deb Benton, does her best to adjust her playing to avoid those keys, but it is very difficult.  Our church organ is thirty years old! It is so old, that it is like a 1990’s-era computer — it is impossible to get parts for it!  The tubular bells portion that we used to use to chime the hour before the service also went out at the same time and she now uses a handbell to chime the hour (see the link below).  

Our church has begun pricing a new organ and one appropriate for the size of the church is going to cost $80,000!  It is an Allen Organ Company organ that is made right here in America in Pennsylvania.  But what really has changed over that time is the technology and sound quality!  An example of a similar organ can be seen here:  These organs are built to last and the major components are produced in-house, so parts should always be available.

Please consider giving what you can to help us replace our organ.  This may be a perfect giving opportunity for you because a small amount can still make a big difference if enough people join in and get us to the goal!  You will see the change that your donation will make by watching the Duck United Methodist Church channel on YouTube to see the before and after videos.  We also welcome anyone who wants to come visit our church in person to do so!  Our community is a lovely place to visit during the summer, Christmas, Easter or any time of the year!  Stop by and enjoy the fellowship and the music and say “I was a part of that!”  

Once we reach the goal, I will present a check for the full amount (minus only the fees that GiveSendGo charges, if any) to the Pastor at the 9:30AM Sunday service.  This is the service that is posted to YouTube each Sunday, so you will be able to watch the presentation on the same day that it happens!  We will also send out a link to the video to all who have donated to this project.  For each person who donates, we will add your name (or the name of someone whom you wish to donate in honor of) to a document and will provide that list to the church elders to be kept with the official church records.  

If you would like your donation to be designated as purchasing a stop or a key in the document, please choose the appropriate selection.  If you want to take advantage of this, please do so right away because once all of the available stops or keys are sold, other donations will only be indicated by dollar amount!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Buy a stop: $1,000

Buy a key: $200

GX-340 → 50 Stops


36 white keys and 25 black keys for each of the 3 manuals:  183 keys total are available right now.

*Duck UMC YouTube Channel: