I finally convinced one of my closest friends, John Paul Mac Isaac, to agree to let me set up a fundraiser for him. If you don't know who John Paul is, he's the American hero (In my opinion) who did his civic duty in bringing  the Hunter Biden laptop and it's incriminating evidence, first to the FBI, then to congress, and  ultimately to the President of the United States's lawyer.


I have watched as he's been personally attacked and has had his livelihood stripped away.  Since October 14th 2020, when he was revealed to be the source of the Hunter Biden laptop, John Paul had to shut down his successful business, was forced to flee the state  and now suffers politically motivated attacks from the very systems we as Americans were taught to trust.  He had been fighting for a year and a half to get the truth out to the American people, and now, he needs your help in his fight to get his book out, help with his legal fees, and continue his efforts to get the truth out.  He has never asked for help, but I know he needs it.