The Lord has given visions, words and dreams that He is placing a group of people to be a light on a hill and a "Beacon" to the area for those hungry to know God better and to find out what a truly wonderful Savior Jesus Christ is. We are being obedient and catching this great vision to His call.

The Book Of Acts Church started in April 2022 and since then we have rented out a church to meet in the afternoons on Sundays. God is creating miracles with His provision for us and we are so excited to see what God has in store. 

The Book Of Acts Church's goal is to function just like the Christians in the Books Of Acts did in the Bible. We want to share Jesus to a dying world, disciple those in Christ, see the Lord work in miracles, signs, wonders and His gifts of the Holy Spirit to accomplish His work on earth. And lastly we want to build a solid, sold out, close knit community of believers. 

We would love for you to come to be a part of this great adventure and be a part of history in the making. Therefore we invite you to participate in this vision through your prayers, finances and your service to Him.

Please prayerfully consider your possible involvement in any way the Lord puts in your heart.

In His Humble Service,

Pastor Lorraine Maillie