Grow Home Domes are the Future of Family Farms!

     Our community is growing greener every day with the focus on forest farms that produce multi - generational food security. To further this goal we look to the past to reintroduce the natural flora and fauna that nourished the good shepherds of this land. The ability to grow year round in cold climates with passive Geo-thermal greenhouses are the answer to inexpensive, independent, organic food production. Our south west facing land gently sloped is ideal for Perma-culture + green house plant propagation.

      This is supported by using Raffles, Auctions and Sales from Fair trade products.

       We are three women who have overcome our disabilities to build a strong foundation for our Family + Friends.  

        All sponsors are welcomed and will be entered into a raffle to win a rare gemstone ring made from fair trade Eco sourced + recycled gold.

       We also are open to like minded individuals who wish to Homestead on our lands to work within the Food co-op and survival school.  



          We encourage all ages to play and grow together. The wisdom of our Elders is the wealth of our Family + Friends!