Hi, my name is Leah, I have three children (2 different fathers) who lost their fathers to drug addiction. They also had several family members pass away the same way whom also left children behind. I want to start a safe place for these kids to be able to talk, ask questions, to know that it is ok to want to know the truth and teach them how to cope with not only the loss of a parent but the loss of a parent due to addiction, makes it a difficult reality to grasp. Especially at younger ages. It is a growing epidemic and people should be speaking out to these children, and adults (of all ages) to inform them, to help them not only get through a very difficult time but to help them understand and help keep them from traveling down such a horrible road. They need to be able to comfortably ask questions and receive the answers they are searching for. To know they are not alone and it is ok to feel sad, angry, afraid, confused, etc. I wish my children had somewhere or someone to help them through loosing their dads. Instead they ended up with a lot of anger because they weren't able to grieve properly. Statistics state that children who loose a parent or parents to addiction will be more susceptible to end up following that same path. I want to help guide these children, our future towards amazing things, to help them understand and learn how to cope with such a tragic loss and to know it wasn't their fault.. It affects children of all ages. My oldest two lost their dad 8 years ago, they were 7 & 3 years old. Each grieving in their own different ways. My youngest just lost her dad this January and while she is young now, she will have questions when she gets older. Help me to help our youth and to try to break this horrible cycle caused by this epidemic. It has gone on too long and we will never see a change if we don't start with our youth. Help me make a difference for these kids. Your donations will allow me to set up for virtual counseling, ages 4-18, their families, as well as young adults 19-25. That is just to start. I would love to open a few places so that they may come in person, making it more meaningful verses online. I just have to start somewhere. Send Prayers for all the families, children and adults during such a rough time. Thank you and God Bless

  -A concerned parent