My nephew Craig Herrick has been fighting 22 years in search of justice. He is at the end of his journey without a federal attorney. The courts have been looking over 2 years as has Craig to find an attorney to take his case pro bono. No luck, so our last hope is to ask the hearts of people like you for help so he can hire an attorney to fight his case which has merit and will set case law for others. He does have a public defender attorney but only for state. The case that is stalled is federal. Most of these attorneys want 3000.00 up front.

Craig has not only been a model prisoner but active in helping others by attaining his paralegal certificate, he also works in dietary to help himself. At this time he has exhausted the depth of his knowledge to continue on his own but the work he has done to date has been very impressive.

Thank you doesn't seem enough to any help you can give it is appreciated more than you know.