Operation Beer Run!

Those who have voiced wanting to help out in Ukraine here is how. I represent a large group of foreign volunteers fighting here in Ukraine with a majority from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and a few others. With billions in aid coming to Ukraine the majority going to the Ukrainian army we in the legion see very little of it. Ukraine was optimistic that we were to come to the legion with all the equipment needed. Some of us came equipped but many didn't have the means to or the know with all to bring everything they would need. And things we need now I wouldn't have thought to bring before.

Along with my gear donations request this monetary donation request will serve these basic goals.

Provide my unit with funds to:

• Ship gear donations from the US to our supporters in Lviv and then to us.

• Fund the purchase of night vision, weapon optics. Which is a huge game changer for us and need the bulk of the funds to pay for.

• Gear needed that hasn't been donated.

• Morale and necessities items we can get in country like food stuffs, toiletries, energy drinks, coffee, cigarettes.

Think of it this way, with these funds we will also be able to buy a round of beer when we receive R&R $1-2 a beer, more then 40 guys in our section. Donate $80 and you just bought us all a round of beer. Will you help up buy a beer and stop these Russians from destroying a peaceful nation? Слава Україні!