The First Great Awakening Revival prepared the colonies to fight for their independence from England.  The Rev. William Tennent, Sr., a Presbyterian minister, helped ignite the fires of this revival.  He built a log cabin for the training of Presbyterian ministers on his plantation which became the first college in Pennsylvania and the first seminary in the middle colonies.  HIs graduates carried the message of the revival as far south as North Carolina.  At least 63 colleges trace their origins to this school known as the Log College.  Princeton University is the first direct offshoot.  The William Tennent House Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit is restoring and preserving the home of this Great Awakener.  When the house is restored, we plan to open it as a museum and library.  Currently, we are raising money for the Condition Assessment which will determine the physical condition of the building materials and help in planning the extent of the restoration work required.