In January 2022, Jay stepped up to the plate along with many other truckers to fight for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. As a part of that fight, Jay and his shed found himself at the frontlines on Wellington St in Ottawa, and they became an icon in the fight for our rights and freedoms. Jay became a block captain and a leader for the other rigs on Wellington St. He formed a very close knit family and many consider him a brother. 

Unfortunately, as a part of that battle, Jay was arrested on Saturday February 19, 2022, as police forces brutally and sometimes violently pushed back supporters. Thankfully Jay has been released, but he now faces 4 criminal charges in relation to his participation with Freedom Convoy 2022. 

Funds raised with this givesendgo will be deposited directly into Jay's account in order to help pay for the legal defense, with his first court date later in March.