My family lived a peaceful happy life until February 24 when they heard bombs fly over their heads. 

They had to leave everything and run to safety. They build their own home, they worked hard their whole life, helping people and raising beautiful children. In matter of hours everything was gone.

I have 4 siblings and niece and a nephew. They deserve to be far away from danger of bombing. 

My family has taken care of me my whole life. Now I am here in Canada and I'm the only one who can help them.

I am working day and night to coordinate help and resources to ensure their safety.

What I need is my local loving community and friends around the world to back me up. I need funds to provide for my family and to support them as they are trying to get to safety. They lost everything. I am their only hope.

The journey to safety is a long one. 

Please donate what you can. You will make a difference.You can be someones angel.