Hello Guys. My Names Joshua Hernandez. I was apart of the January 6th event, I have been sentenced to 24 months in federal prison. I need help from whoever can help because the financial provision I made for my family before entering prison has been stolen as of now by my business partner.  My family and I will be forever grateful. I was the sole provider for the household. My wife and I have became parents since the event that happened on J6th. We are looking for help for our home support.  My son Liam is 1y 7m and my daughter Jaycee is 8months. I am 3 months into my sentence and things are getting harder for my wife as the months go on. I am hoping for support for my family to help get through these time of hardship. 

We have used most of my funds for lawyer and traveling expenses to Washington D.C.  I was looking for different sources of income with e-commerce platforms, however with the events of J6 and political targeting from other platforms I am banned from using services. While in Memphis, I also was involved in independent car sales. Unfortunately, Memphis isn't a safe place to do business and ultimately was given a bad hand. 

I know most who read this will be total strangers, just know if you chose to donate, my family will be forever thankful. God bless all the J6ers in prison suffering. We stood up for our homeland peacefully, proud and with love in our hearts for everyone to be apart of the land that is home to the free and land of the brave. God bless everyone who has helped my family so far and to those who take time out to pray for us. 

My family thanks you!

Joshua, Letty, Liam, and Jaycee