Perhaps Amirs words when I first started helping him and his community in Pakistan will resonate with you:

Dear brother, thanks for having concern for me and I also am thankful to our God that He sent you for my help. When I went to meet the people and give them the food their faces cheard up with happiness and I felt also happy, lucky and blessed to see them enjoying theirselves. Its all because of you my dear brother. i have done nothing i became able to do all this because of your help support and prayers. I want to help them at the end of my life. I want to do big things for them. I request to please pray for me, and also my own business that God increase my business and I would be able to help them with my own money because I want to increase the work of Christ. I will never leave the work of God. I want to be honest with the work of God forever and ever and ever in the name of Jesus Christ Ameen🙏🙏🙏

I have managed to send small amounts when I can, but things have become untenable for me to continue. So the Lord put this avenue of GiveSendGo on my heart - that an outpouring and flow of funds may continue, if not from me, then perhaps in some way thru me... by the generosity of all who would consider helping.  

Even if you are unable to help with a donation of funds, may the Lord move you to say a word or two in prayer on behalf of this community in Pakistan.

Thank You for your consideration.