My name is Huntley,

I am just a 4yr old country girl from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in MT.  You'll always find me hanging out with my Momma singing and dancing to Morgan Wallen.

I started the New Year off to a pretty rough start.  I was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes January 4th and was admitted to the ICU for 4 days fighting DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis).  In a blink of an eye, I learned what the word ""overwhelmed" meant.  I'm slowly learning that battling a chronic illness is going to make me have to grow up faster and will teach me independence unlike anything else.  My parents are trying to keep up with all the education so they can keep me living the carefree life a 4yr old should be living.

I am here today asking you for your help on reaching my goal on getting a Diabetic Alert Dog.  Having this service dog would be a true blessing that will help me daily jump through this hurdle God has put in my life.  We will never know why I was chosen but suffering from this illness will teach me that having my life in my hands every minute will help me build self-determination. 

Having an Alert Dog by my side would help put my family at ease.  The Alert dog would notify my family if I'm going into hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia especially at night, which are the scariest.   I am only 4yrs old and am not quite sure how to tell me parents when I start feeling shaky, confused, anxious or even become unresponsive in the next room.  By having the help of an alert dog, it would be able to smell my scent of any changes to my body when I am unaware.  The comfort of not only having such a sense of security, yet a best friend who would have my wellbeing at heart would be the best feeling ever.  Knowing it will never leave my side when the days get rough, which there will be many, would show the true meaning of love.  Getting this Alert dog is a year process and once it passes all its training it then will be delivered to me to start working! 

I appreciate you reading my story and if you are at all able to help donate to offset the cost of this valuable medical need for myself, I would be forever grateful.  I know that my situation is not going to change, but my attitude must and right there is why I will succeed and live my life to the fullest.  

Love Huntley