I am trying to raise money in order to open up my small tour business, Thousand Islands Ghost Tours again this year, which i have owned since 2015. I was  blessed beyond measure when I was given the tour business from the woman who had created it. I have made her proud by continuing her vision of providing a family friendly tour where all are welcome, young and old alike. I love the people that I meet and I absolutely love being able to tell stories of our area's history and some spooky tales too. Please check out my FB page for the tours. There, you can see some great pictures and read comments and reviews from my guests. I was unable to open in 2020 due to the virus, then was blessed to be able to open again in 2021 and for the first time ever, I had my very own shop, which was an absolute joy and learning experience. My daughter worked for me at the gift shop for her first job, and my very first employee, a truly amazing feeling! I used all profits made to put right back into the business, more products for the shop insurance, etc. At the end of the season, my landlord agreed to rent to me again. I had hoped to qualify for some of the pandemic business recovery funds to help with this years opening but unfortunately, I didn't meet the SBA qualifications due to a huge financial mistake in my personal life a number years ago. I then applied for NY's newly released additional pandemic funding for small businesses. I met all of the qualifications except for one. Sadly, my small tour business isn't big enough to meet their qualifying profit requirement of $25,000 to $250,000 yearly total. At the moment my tours only generate about $8000 a season. Alas, I have exhausted all of my possible funding avenues. I continue to pray for God's guidance and strength and wisdom with this. I want to thank you in advance for any help that you so generously give. Please know that I will be forever grateful.