Pietas Classical Christian is a project that was started in order to offer the rich tradition of Classical education to residents in Brevard County, Florida.

The Headmaster of the program, Dale Stenberg, has a decade of Classical education experience, as well as formal training while in seminary working on a Master of Divinity with an emphasis on Classical Christian Education. In 2020 Dale and his family moved to Brevard after being approached with the idea of starting a Classical program in Melbourne. After selecting a team of highly competent board members, Dale and team set out to create a K-6th-grade program with one vision in mind: to create virtuous self-learners through gospel-centered, academically rich curriculum, and time-tested methods of instruction to help students grow into wise citizens that live in this present age before the face of God.

The program launched in August of 2021 and is currently in the latter half of the second semester. It has been a very encouraging year for the staff of Pietas. We have doubled our student body just in the second semester, and the demand for what Pietas is offering is increasing exponentially, including a demand for a 7-12th grade program.

Our resources, however, are insufficient to accommodate the growth, presently. This fundraising campaign was started to help finance our growth. Your donation will help Pietas renovate classroom space, pay talented teachers, offer financial assistance to families for tuition, purchase materials to improve the classroom environment, expand our 7-12th grade program, and pay bills until the new students start in August of 2022. Your donation would help Pietas greatly during this time of rapid growth, and we are deeply grateful for anything you can give. If you cannot give financially, we would ask that you pray for us, as prayer is the most important element in this project. 

Thank you for reading a little bit about our story, and may the Lord bless you!