Hello everyone, I do need help. This is something I am not used to asking for. I have no family or anyone able to assist me. I have money that cannot be accessed (inheritance) at this time which is really impacting my life negatively.  I always do my best to help others. But I have no-one to assist me. - I am getting behind on things. My situation is becoming dire. This is embarassing for me to even ask for Help. Not used to people helping me as a stranger. - I need medications, food, dog food as well, gas, my insurances, and to pay my mounting bills, internet, cellphone bill, and more, etc. - I can only ask you wonderful people to assist from kindness & compassion. I am not in the system,  - if you cannot or won't assist;  well, please at least Pray for me then. - I thank you in advance. 

GodBless You all. Stay Strong. We are in unprecedented times. 

P.s. - the amount listed above will just get my head above water and hopefully sustain me for a couple months after things are caught up. Thanks for being compassionate, loving, and understanding.