Really need some help raising the money for a home for my family just received a notice to quit from my landlord of over 6yrs whom just sold the property we've been renting for the past 3 years. We've NEVER been so much as late on our rent of 1500 p/mos. Apparently the only way whoever is purchasing the property will go thru with the purchase is if all tenants are vacated. All this we found out last night at around 8pm. We have some money saved for an emergency but 30 days to find somewhere to move my family was not in the cards! If we spent every dime we've saved we would maybe make a down payment (around 40k) unfortunately I've got no credit (not bad just non-existent) my wifes got good credit but can we find someone to give us a loan with just her credit, unfortunately no not without more money down. Then they'll submit an application.. We have no outstanding debt other than a car loan for our Equinox (2019) which has never had even a late payment either. With 2 children one a Teen and the another whom just started Kindergarten this year. With the economy and housing market as it is this couldn't have come at a worse time. my wife who works 50 hour weeks as well doesn't deserve to be on the street with her children So I'm humbly asking for some help for her current plight. I've been down before and could survive on the streets but my wife and kids do not deserve this My wife is too proud to ask for help but I don't know what were gonna do. So I'm here

The goal set here is merely there as I'm not really sure what were gonna find or do. I've managed to convinced this saint of a woman to give me a chance after years of a troubled relationship made her give up on the thought of happiness and now all we've worked for seems to be falling apart over a greedy landlord playing the realty market.

 God bless,