Hello - family and friends, 

           I am Jean L. (Chris) Coats.

         My husband Steve and I help our son raise his 3 kids. I am the mommy-on-duty with 1 child being special needs. 

          I have a genetic disorder that creates balloons in the middle layer of my blood vessel walls- predominately in my kidneys. I learned in my 20’s what were the best choices for  ‘less stress to my kidneys’ diet and lifestyle. I have tried to be wise with my health issue all through my life.

        My kidney function has declined to 9-10 % function and dialysis looms in my near future. I am looking for a kidney donor. Both of my kidneys are filled with these cysts/balloons. 

         Due to the omission of my previous kidney doctor my window to a transplant operation is much shorter than it should have been. 

         The facts are- this need is asap. The success is better when transplanting happens before dialysis has to start. My diet needs are changing to include restrictions on potassium and phosphorus. The testing for 'each' donor takes time and costs money for travel and things. 

          This is a serious need for the 7 people in our household. Each of us matter in life including you -who is reading this. Please help me be there for my family. 

           Please consider donating to my fund to help me cover the costs involved with finding a donor and getting a transplant. 

 Thank you for that time of thinking about it. If your praying people -please include my need in your prayers and--- 

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