My wife Julie was diagnosed with Stage 3/4 Hodgkins Lymphoma on Dec 11, 2021.With the help and support of our 3 wonderful daughters and our son, we have started on the journey of chemotherapy and hopefully cure of this cancer. Our oncologist is located in Aberdeen, SD, which is  77 miles away from our home. We have to travel every other week for chemotherapy and stay overnight because she has chemo 1 day for 5 hours and a shot to boost her white cell counts the next day. This means we have to get a hotel and meals while there. We also have lab work on the other week which currently requires us to go there as well.  My paycheck will currently cover all our regular household bills and mortgage, but little else. She had to close her daycare after 29 years of providing care to children due to all the medical appointments and declining health. With the medical bills, gas needed to go to chemo/labs and expenses while there, things are starting to take a toll on our finances. My wife stresses about where we will find the finances to continue and I'm trying to find any way to make things less stressful on her so she focuses on her recovery. If you can find it in your heart to donate to our fund, you have my family's eternal gratitude and thanks. If not, please pray for us, our family and her recovery if nothing else, as we will accept any help in any way.