Hi we are Kerry and Kat with the Dance with Love Tour. We are dancing 7,500km across Canada from Ucluelet British Columbia to St. Johns Newfoundland and back to help unite people and bring a message of peace, community, compassion, and togetherness to our country. We are building bridges for all of us to come together and dance in nature to heal our division, connect as a nation, strengthen our minds, bodies and hearts, and most importantly to share the love.
How are we going to do this?  

2 weeks ago we borrowed 19 pairs of silent disco headphones and a Radio Frequency transmitter which allowed us to create a musical experience that we shared on the beach in Comox British Columbia.   After the dance we gathered in a sharing circle and we had many heart opening and connecting shares. One woman expressed how she had not felt Joy in over 7 months and how the dance had given hope and a new sense of purpose to her life.  Upon hearing this, we both immediately knew in our hearts that we needed to share this gift with as many people as possible. We then came up with the idea to Dance with Love across Canada and we ordered 111 pairs of headphones.  After a trial run on the road from Tofino through Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver, we are now taking a few weeks to re-organize and raise funds to make this adventure happen.   

All donations will go directly to help pay for:

1. Headphone and Transmitters Purchases
2. Food, Gas, and Shelter
3. Banners, Flyers, Website, and marketing materials
4. RV Rental

Once we have these basics in place, our goal is to raise as much money as possible to buy meals for the homeless in each city we dance through.  We are also looking for dedicated videographers to join our mission to come out and help us film and share our experiences as we dance across Canada.  If this you, please email dancewithlove@mailbox.org

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.  We are beyond excited to share our Dance with Love Tour with you!  


-Kerry and Kat