My heart goes out to anyone suffering through these hard times. Covid has impacted us all in dramatic ways, few of them positive. Please take a moment to consider the plight of those of us who face a new type of discrimination here in Canada. The responsible few who are saddled with the task of managing caustic Ex's during these unprecedented times, while doing our best to be there wholeheartedly, putting our kids first.
My situation altered today in a very difficult way, Today, Feb 1, 2022 I was given the reasons behind why my parenting time will be suspended indefinitely.
Unbeknownst to me, my patience in waiting for a "vaccine for Covid-19" that qualifies for approval here in Canada, is putting my children's lives at enough of a risk that I should not be able to be with them, except outdoors, for two hours at a time, wearing a mask. Their grandmother who has spent almost every day I have had them, with them, is no longer permitted to be in their presence unless she complies also,  additionally I have the added responsibility to police anyone who comes close to us being that its outdoors, to ensure they are "fully vaccinated" Ill admit this gets a little confusing as my 5 year old, has yet to be vaccinated, as his birthday was last week... and now that he qualifies, Im unsure if I have to ask him to distance himself from his brother until he is vaccinated as per the order.... well you get the point...
I find solace in that the Freedom Convoy 2022 as a showcasing that not all Canadians have lost their way in these deeply divided times.
Also in the great work of the folk like Brian Peckford, Joe Rogan, and as the tide of folk shift towards logic and reason, anyone who is brave enough to stand up and be known for their own stalwart view that freedom and democratic principals matter.
I hope that through this news hitting the ground, I can generate enough help to ensure that this does not happen to every unvaccinated parent in Canada, This decision affects every single parent who is "unvaccinated", (to use the colloquial term), for Covid-19. You are at risk now that the precedent has been set... a single court application citing this decision will immediately affect your ability to parent your child until such a time as you either give in to the coercion or ... well there is no or currently.

I think that it is my responsibility not only for my two sons whom I love beyond measure, but also as a Canadian, to work as much as I am able to further exploration of wether this injustice should stand. Please consider supporting us in reaching our goal of engaging appropriate representation, and ensuring that the rights of my kids and yours, is not impinged in this way.