Hi, my name is Meg. I'm am caught in a troubling situation with a stranger assaulting me and trying to steal my inheritance. Four years ago my mother let a couple off the street move into her house to be her caregivers. The trouble started immediately, they isolated her, forged a power of attorney over her estate to control her assets, put there names on her house, car and the trust my parents drew up in 1995, she also made herself the trustee as well as a beneficiary of the trust. I tried to visit my mother at the end of her life and was thrown down, assaulted by her caregiver, breaking my femur, requiring immediate surgery. After that happened my mother died two days later while I was in the hospital. The caregiver quickly sold her house, kept the money, and moved out of state. I hired a lawyer in Phoenix, R. Sewell, to sue her over the trust, that was 1 1/2 years ago and she is not willing to give up what is not rightfully hers. This has cost me dearly, my credit cards are maxed out. So I have exhausted all of my resources to pursue this further, that is why I am asking for help, any prayers or contributions to help me with my fight. Please help me, this is not easy asking for help.

God Bless You All 

Sincerely. Meg