HI ! 

We are Sons Redeemed Motorcycle Ministry. A non-profit Inner City Evangelical Ministry that has chosen the streets and gutters to share The Good News of Jesus ! Our Mother Church is Mosaic Fellowship in Spokane. We operate independently as our own Ministry.

We are a group of One Time in the world Bikers who were found by Jesus and Saved. Some of us are.recovered addicts , alcoholics, others just like to ride their bikes...We ar VETERANS, some disabled, some on SSI.

As this pandemic has ravaged the homeless community things have gotten more difficult on the street..

Ou hearts are to follow what JESUS SAID in MATTHEW 25; 31-40.

As we feed the homeless we share the love of Jesus with the.

I dont like to think that some folks just think of these people as problems dirtying up the streets. Well, we watch who Jesus connected with in His Time and try to follow that example.

The ministry has been together for 11 years. I, Al (Ace) Evan am The Pastor and President. I have been in Ministry since 1997 and blessed to be able to keep riding to reach others.

We sponsor benefit rides for organizations that need help. Such a Blessing.

Now the time has come to expand our Mission. Needed help for web sites, and outreach materials are needed!

The needy just keep coming and we want to continue serving our Lord and Savior by expanding, our giving. Setting up places for them to be out of the cold ! Shelters to stay in. We have actually had several die waiting for us to give out lunches. and the emergency space blankets to keep them from freezing. 

So if you can Partner with us and follow the Love and Heart of Jesus, I am sure HE will bless you ! 

We are not your average meat and potatoes Ministry.

We get dirty and reach the unreachable !

Please check our FB, sons Redeemed Motorcycle Ministry.

And hopefully be able to soon have web pages to reach many more people.

PLEASE LISTEN to a great song performed by TOM JONES  called

" What Good am I "

I believe it will touch your heart.

Blessings in Jesus