A Jail Ministry officially recognized in 2014 that had a record of service before the letter of ministry was signed.  The ministry is proven by showing signs of consistant victory over oppression and persecution under impossible odds.  A ministry that grew from defending individuals into removing the persecutors from our system. 

    This is a ministry based on the knowledge that fear (False /Evidence Appearing Real) is satan's playground and we don't play there.  Spiritual Warfare is, afterall, Warfare. 

We hold our campaign as a Christian Constitutional Conservative preservation effort that can ONLY STAND on the rock that is The Truth.  We are committed to staying in The Way as we follow.  His lead.  Our goal is to raise the money to support an 8 year established effort. We have our skin in the game already, can you spare a dollar to help? 

     God has brought this ministry effort full circle and is opening doors some think they closed.  How God can orchestrate things amazes me.  We have opportunity to join together with a brilliant legal mind and continue to persue excellence in criminal justice through the pursuit of Truth.,