Ohio Stands Up! is a 501(c)(4) community-based legal advocacy organization comprised of God-fearing, patriotic volunteers from across Ohio.  Our board has 6 board members who work voluntarily.  We are courageous and concerned freedom-loving Ohioans who insist our elected leaders, employers, and businesses honor our God-given right to bodily autonomy.  The mission of Ohio Stands Up! is to reclaim and defend Ohioans civil liberties through legal, educational and political action.  As an advocacy organization, Ohio Stands Up! aims to educate Ohioans and all Americans on the reality of COVID-19 while ensuring our Constitutional rights are honored in the process.  The Board is responsible for making all legal and financial decisions and leading this organization. 

Ohio Stands Up! is proud to stand with parents, students, and employees who are taking a stand against unprecedented discriminatory policies and coercive tactics implemented by employers, universities, and businesses.  In October of 2021, Ohio Stands Up! established a partnership with Mendenhall Law Group in Akron, Ohio who is aiding Ohioans seeking legal action against overreaching policies that threaten the individual’s right to bodily autonomy and medical freedom.   With the guidance of legal counsel, the Ohio Stands Up! board will review cases that may benefit from financial support and help facilitate fundraising to procure legal representation.   Our goal is to set sound legal precedence in Ohio that supports medical freedom and bodily autonomy for ALL. 

Funding for current and future litigation efforts are only made possible through the financial contributions of Ohio Stands Up! supporters. If you’d like to donate to our efforts, please donate through Give Send Go or via our website at https://www.ohiostandsup.org/ .  All donations support our legal and educational efforts, and our board members work strictly on a voluntary basis.  Your financial support and sharing of this Give Send Go campaign is greatly appreciated.  Thank you to everyone that started with us, that supports our efforts, and continues standing up!

Please connect with us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/OhioStandsUp ,on mewe at https://mewe.com/join/ohiostandsup , or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OhioStandsUp .  Please consider signing up for email notifications at https://www.ohiostandsup.org/  to be kept up-to-date on the latest news of lawsuits we are financially supporting and upcoming events taking place across Ohio.

WHO I AM: My name is Jason K. Hedges. I am a mental health professional and former psychiatric social worker.  I have worked in the public sector for the last 19 years. As an advocate for people with disabilities, especially children with disabilities, I have made it a mission to stand up for people who cannot advocate for themselves, and now with my fellow board members on Ohio Stands Up!, we are standing up together for all of Ohio.