In a few months I will be heading to Baja, Mexico to participate in a mission trip with District Church. 

The team will be going to build a home, work with migrant children in local villages and serve at a school and an orphanage. I am excited to be a part of this mission team, as I know it will build my faith and open my eyes to the world around me. This year we’re partnering with Baja Bound, an organization that serves those in need in Mexico:

Preparing for this trip is a significant commitment that will include several training days, and numerous hours of preparation beforehand. It is a huge step of faith for me and our team as we enter a different culture and learn to better serve God and his people.

The purpose of this GiveSendGo effort is to let the world know I am going on my first mission trip, and that I need people who are willing to commit to support me both in prayer and financially. My personal cost for this trip is $1395. Any money I raise above the cost of my trip will go towards the overall expenses of the trip including construction supplies, the children’s school, orphanage gifts and the ministry of Baja Bound.