We are The Gilberts, as a family we run a charitable theatre company called Sing for America, raising money for military families, heralding Truth and Light, and holding the most colorful stages of actors anywhere around.
Tonight we walked in to find our entire stock of sound and lighting equipment stolen. Years of fostering relationships, hours upon hours of tireless work, all the kindness and trust of others taken to gather these pieces of equipment, gone in a moment. The most heartbreaking part is that not only was every single light, speaker, tree, projector, board, etc, which belonged to us stolen, but also every piece that was currently on loan to us was taken too.
We survive only through generosity and sheer grit. No government grants, no annual large donations, our lifeline is individuals who feel moved to help. We operate day to day, show to show.
If you are familiar at all with the entertainment tech world, you'll understand how devastating this is and how long it could take to replace, if you're not then please understand it's impossible for a charity in our position to even dream of replacing enough equipment to put on a show again without a monstrous supply of help.
The numbers we have figured out are first to replace the equipment which did not belong to us, and then to assemble a collection that may be humble, but will get the job done; one that will allow us just to continue doing the work we love, and shine lights on the faces and amplify the voices of actors who donate their time and talents to help those families who need support.
For more information visit our website: www.SingforAmerica.com