This is my actual X-Ray taken Jan 25.

Just before going to bed on Jan 8, 2022 I tripped on a mat on the back porch, caught my balance with my left foot at an angle half on a step and half not, causing my leg to twist and I fell onto a brick landing with my left knee, breaking my femur, and planting my face into a gravel path. It took me an hour and a half to pull myself up to a standing position against the porch rail, then another half hour to hobble to bed using a lawn chair as a walker. The next day I sought care and discovered it was a broken femur requiring 2 surgeries--an external stabilization and then the insertion of a rod and screws.

I can not presently work (or walk), and made deliveries using a food delivery app as my job. I don't know when I will be able to walk or drive again, hopefully before March.

When I was in the hospital on about the 5th day, I got a text from Novant announcing my bill. It was over $18,000.00. About 3 weeks later, I looked at the phone to find a similar text, but this time the bill had shot up to over $80,000.00! I went debt-free in 2004 to 80k in debt in under a month, and the physical therapy hasn't started yet. Rent's coming up again too. Thank you for looking and God bless you.