Hello. I want to create a company that will bring on board social media disseminators to help fund the web series THE CHOSEN. It is all about the life of Jesus Christ and it is superb. I will use the donations made to me to hire an attorney to create the company and give me advice as needed through that process, as well as a web designer, accountant and other neccessary personnel. Once the newly created company is formed, I will create a new campaign on this website with a url link. The idea that I have is to use donations for the newly created company to hire as many interested people as possible (with a nominal salary), who would then utilize the vast amount of contacts they would have on various social media platforms. This will act as a force multiplier and accelerate the funding for the show. It is expensive to produce the series for Angel Studios and they are planning on producing three more seasons, so this is something that is needed and wanted. As time goes on, I will continue to hire more and more people, (as well as accept volunteers), to expand the reach of the company. A large percentage of the donations will go directly to funding the show, while a much smaller percentage will be for company growth and maintenance. The company will be set up with contractors who will work from home only. This will remove any unnecessary expenses that a traditional business model would have, while keeping overhead low. 

   I personally believe that this is a highly beneficial venture to undertake. I also believe that more people need to know who Jesus Christ is, what he did, all of the lessons he taught about peace, GOD, forgiveness and love. It is my opinion that right now on our beautiful planet, forgiveness, compassion for others, peace and love for GOD is desperately needed. The message of Jesus Christ needs to be shared far and wide. The world needs this now more than ever and THE CHOSEN, superbly produced by Angel Studios, can assist in this. Angel Studios is not a traditional studio and have no ties to Hollywood production companies. They are crowdfunded only and this will give them great assistance. Will you help me? Will you help me help Angel Studios? Will you help me bring the messages and lessons of Jesus Christ to as many people as I can? If you do, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. May GOD Bless us all.