One of the problems with social media world, apart from being a powerful tool of evangelization, is also without contestation a place where one finds a little everything and anything. Christians often young people in faith can quickly lose by falling on doctrines and teachings away from what the word of God teaches. Likewise, all encounters that take place there are not beneficial. Most of these networks are designed with the objective of creating a certain dependency on the part of the user and it can harm the spiritual life of many.

The Christian social network Basilea will be a Christian collaborative platform thatwill serve to unite Christians around the world on a single platform and thus will help Christians to come into contact with the world who share the same faith in order to help each other reciprocally to maintain their faith in Christ, exhort and edify one another (Hebrews 3.13) using several features of the platform. It will also be used to help churches in the management of their members and will enable Christians to demonstrate visibly the love of God in their environment in order to bring souls back to Christ.