To whom it may concerning

I'm a disabled veteran who has limited mobility due to my service in the United States Marine Corps. I also served my community as a Police Officer before my disability worsened and had to resin after 9 years of service. My wife left me and during this time my mother had aggressive cancer and I was helping my mom out and dealing with my own mobility issues. I also have my three children to take care of I had friend at that time helping me out. During this time this person abused my children and DCF Department of Children and Families was called, well that person was brought to Justic. My kids were removed from my custody and placed into a forster home due to this person's abuse on my children. I never raised a hand to my children and I was not accused of doing so but they refused to let me keep my children in my home. My children was removed from my home and placed in a foster home. It was unnecessary for DCF to remove my chikdren from my home since this person did not live in my home but they removed my kids anyways. I haven't seen my children now for two and half years. I hired a lawyer who has been fighting for me to get my kids back but during this time my disabilities were brought up into question by DCF and while I was doing my case plan to get my children back, they dragged there feet and they advised me i needed a neurological exam which they refused to pay but that I had to have to get my children back. My lawyer and DCF went back and forth in order to get a referral from DCF to pay for this exam with no avail. After six months I decided that I would pay for the exam on my own.  This exam was five thousand dollars. DCF refused to reimburse me for this required exam that they wanted since I was a military vet.  I was considered normal with a mild TBI which the doctor's advised DCF that it wouldn't interfere with my parenting skills. My lawyer fees were adding up and my savings was getting depleted . During this time I was also fighting for my disability benefits, I had no money coming in my saving was depleted as I also helped pay for my mother treatment for her aggresive cancer. DCF now brought my mobility into question and advised me that it has been too long and my children are better off staying in the forster home and they will adopt my kids. They are currently trying to take my rights away so they can adopt my kids out. I am fighting them but funds aren't there my disability benefits are taking longer then I thought to obtain and everything I worked hard for is in jeopardy of being lost. I'm losing my family,  I served this country as a Marine and my community as a Police Officer to have my kids ripped from me. Please help !!  I never asked anyone for money or anything my whole life this is embarrassing but I'm loosing my kids. I need to pay lawyer fees to continue this fight that is so unjust against a disabled military vet and his children your donations will be greatly appreciated and my children would greatly appreciate it and God bless you for taking your time to read my situation and my cry for help. Thank you again and God Bless America please help stop this UNJUST family break up by DCF.


Louis Troiano