AWFS listeners, show our producer some love!

Many of A Word Fitly Spoken's listeners may not realize this, but for the past two years, Michelle's 19 year old son, Benjamin, has been doing the sound editing and producing for the podcast. He splices Michelle's audio and Amy’s audio together, deletes all our bloopers and coughing and laughing fits, puts the music at the beginning and end, makes sure the levels are right, and all that stuff. It has taken a lot of hours and a lot of hard work. And this was on top of working almost full time and lots of responsibilities and activities at church. If A Word Fitly Spoken has sounded good to you over the past couple of years, Benjamin is a lot of the reason for that.

And what you also probably don’t know is that we didn’t ask him to take that on. He volunteered. He used his own equipment, sometimes even buying equipment with his own money. We couldn’t afford to pay him and he never asked us to. He is a godly young man of character, and we couldn’t be prouder of him.

Well, Benjamin is almost 20 now, and just a few weeks ago he started EMT school. He’s studying to be an Emergency Medical Technician and then he’s going to go on to become a paramedic. He’s doing really great in his classes and everything, but he’s still got all those responsibilities and activities at church and he’s still working a lot of hours while he’s going to school, so unfortunately he’s having to leave A Word Fitly Spoken. Amy is going to take over, and she’s going to do a wonderful job just like she did before Benjamin started, but we just wanted to take this opportunity to tell Benjamin thank you for doing such a great job these last couple of years.

And we also wanted to give you the opportunity to thank Benjamin and shamelessly ask you, our loyal listeners who have benefited from his work, to show him some brotherly love. Here’s how you can do that.

Benjamin is working his way through school, and school ain’t cheap. He’s got some financial needs right now. If you’d like to tell him thank you for all his hard work and help defray the cost of his schooling, we’d like to encourage you to prayerfully consider helping him the way he has helped all of us - Amy and me, and you listeners. Let’s show Benjamin some love by donating.