Hi everyone out there. I am no one special by any means but I decided to try my luck out. I have always suffered from bad teeth. I grew up on the poor side of the tracks and my parents never taught me how important good hygiene for your teeth are.  As the years passed by I also found out just how expensive dental work cost. Most of the time I didn't have the money to fix my teeth correctly so I would just get the problem tooth pulled. At this time I'm missing half of my teeth and the rest are crooked broken and decaying. Now I've been experiencing health problems from my teeth. I looked into dental implants but didn't realize just how expensive that could be and knowing I would never be able to afford it, I decided to see if I'm blessed enough to get help to get my teeth fixed. It would truly be a blessing and a dream come true to actually have beautiful healthy teeth. I thank you all with my whole heart if you are able to help me and I will forever be indebted to you. 

God bless you all 

Sincerely, Tracey Williamson