I'm trying very hard to keep it together..I have recently had major surgery (perferated bowel) they gave me 3 months to live without the surgery and have ended up having a collostomy bag..I have another major surgery comming up..during my time in hospital we have been trying to get on a disability for the time being as I can't work at this point..because of loosing my job due to so much time being lost my son and I have been evicted from our home..I have no family to go to..it's just the two of us..I have nothing to pull from to help us be ok...I can't afford the collostomy supplies and meds ...trust me this is a last resort as we are due to leave in 2 days..it's winter time..please I'm asking from the bottom of my 💓 to please please if you can even afford 5 dollers towards our goal of rent and medical supplies ....you will be saving us from what's about to be a nightmare..I've been praying so hard..trying so hard..I'm overwhelmed and don't know what to do..I'll never ask for to much..we need help with atleast one month's rent and a deposit and possibly a month of medical supplies and food...I will only do a month as I'm waiting for something to happen with disability but because of this covid it's a long long wait..I don't know what else to do..please help!!!