The family farm is becoming a thing of the past. No longer is the land loved and cared for as it was when family farms were the majority. I am a widow of Robert Housker. He loved the land and his animals. My husband retired from the Navy and returned to his family farm and has worked it since 1993.  He died Oct 4, 2021 when a tractor rolled on top of him.  He loved this farm, in the Housker family since WWII, 1945, when it was bought by his uncle, Art, from the Nels H. Wiker estate. There used to be another Housker Century Farm located when the Houskers arrived from Norway to this spot around 1846 (which is across the street from me) but the farm is not in the Housker family since 1999.  I promised Robert that I would try to keep our current farm in the family. My house was built in 1901 and the barn is about the same age.  Sadly, the barn is falling apart. I would like to turn this barn into a living history of the family farm and to honor my husband. Hopefully a museum to showcase this farm history of the Houskers. I need your help to save this barn and to continue a Minnesota history and legacy.

The stone foundation is disintegrating. The barn needs to be raised in order to first repair the foundation, then the walls.