Caitlin was a 23-year-old Racing Forman and adored daughter, sister and friend. She was fit, strong, healthy and vibrant. Working her way through Uni, studying Equine Science. She had dreams and goals.

On the 6th September 2021 Caitlin had her second Pf jab at a Queensland Health Clinic. For the next several days she was extremely ill. She stated later, “I felt like I was dying”.

Over the next few weeks Caitlin’s health was unstable. This was unusual for her. On the 13th November 2021 Caitlin suffered what she described as “a severe asthma attack”. Caitlin was not an asthmatic. She presented to Emergency at Toowoomba Base Hospital with shortness of breath in inability to speak more than a few words at a time. She was treated for asthma. No ECG was performed. Caitlin was discharged in the early hours of 14th November 2021, with asthma medications.

Caitlin contacted me asking if her brother and myself had asthma since our second jab. We hadn’t. Caitlin visited her GP on 15th November 2021 and discussed her attack and agreed to continue the oral steroids, preventer and reliever prescribed by the hospital.

On the 17th November 2021, approximately 3:30pm, near the end of her shift at the racing stables, Caitlin suddenly died. She was taking her asthma puffers as she died. Her death wasn’t discovered for some time and as a result, resuscitation was unable to bring her back to life.

A police investigation, Workplace Health & Safety inquiry and Forensic Pathology have all been conducted. Caitlin’s body underwent blood tests, scans and an autopsy. Her lungs did not show signs of asthma. Her heart was slightly enlarged. Her Death Certificate states “Autopsy Notice given – Cause of death not yet determined”. Her records on the Australian Immunisation Register have been removed. We can find no record of her batch The forensic pathologist is currently undertaking six months of histology on her tissues. 

The Coroner’s office has advised me that a cause of death may never be determined, and I need to be prepared for that outcome. I am not prepared to accept that outcome.

Please help me find out why my beautiful daughter died. Your donation will be used to fund legal fees to fight for an inquest into Caitlin’s death. I pray some greater good will arise from Caitlin’s tragic passing.

Please note that all donations will be regularly deposited into the Trust Account of the law firm I engage to seek an inquest into Caitlin’s death.

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Thank you and God Bless

Raelene Gotze