I’m trying to save the family home, make repairs, attorney fees and remodel to make life a little easier. I have 2 herniated disc’s, and one leg. I’m 61 years old and live off of disability it’s just the dog (LT) and myself now. 

Dad passed away and I spent the last year of his life taking care of him and it was tough being disabled myself. Mom and Dad had a reverse and now they are trying to foreclose. I have 1 attorney handling probate which I had to sell my car to cover expenses and now I had to hire another attorney at $300 a month to slow down the foreclosure process. The goal amount would cover all that’s needed. My credit went down hill taking care of Dad and making sure he didn’t go without. 

If you can help at all it would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way. Trying to keep this house and doing the remodeling is far cheaper than trying to find another and the monthly cost would be higher.

God bless everyone for taking the time to read and be safe

Thank you

David & LT