Please, can you help a father keep custody of his little girl?

I am requesting your help on behalf of this little 3 year old girl, who was physically, verbally and emotionally abused by her mother for more than a year. She was subjected to unspeakable abuse, with some of these horrendous abuse sessions lasting an hour or more. Some days there were multiple abuse sessions. I apologize if my description for this campaign appears somewhat vague but I cannot disclose detailed information due to ongoing legal proceedings.


What I can share is that as a result of a Domestic Violence Protective Order, this child was removed from her mother’s custody several months ago and placed with her father. Subsequent to the protective order, her father filed a custody petition with the court requesting full, primary, legal custody be granted to him. The custody battle began. The mother, with unlimited financial resources, has made it clear she intends to financially, personally and professionally ruin/destroy the father in order to regain custody of this child. She is making good on her threat to financially ruin the father as his legal fees are sky rocketing daily as a result of the never ending motions the mother is filing and to which he is required to respond. He urgently needs financial assistance in the fight to protect this innocent child.

This child was so fragile, frightened and shattered when she came to live with her father. After several months in her father’s care she is beginning to thrive, learning to trust, and is working towards being happy, healthy and healing through professional play therapy, love from a parent with no fear of being hurt, terrorized or traumatized and the love of family.  Her healing may take years.

The mother wants custody of this child to be given back to her.  I am requesting your help to keep this precious child safe by donating towards the ever rising legal fees her father is incurring.  Any donated funds remaining after the custody battle is concluded will be placed in a trust fund for future professional treatment the child may need.

Please pray for wisdom for the judge that will be hearing the custody case and please pray for this child’s emotional healing and well being.