On January 30, 2021, Ryan Samsel was arrested by the FBI for his alleged participation in the events that transpired at the Capitol Building on January 6. While there is much speculation about where Ryan may have been, what Ryan may have done, and who Ryan may have communicated with, the story of what happened that day cannot be told until Ryan is afforded his right to a trial by a jury of his peers. For that day to come, he needs your help.
Ryan's case is especially unique. Since his arrest, Ryan has been assaulted by correctional officers three different times, at three different facilities, suffering at least two different skull fractures, all while he remained in solitary confinement. The assaults left Ryan with a fractured orbital floor - his eye socket - as well as a bilateral nasal bone fracture - a broken nose, an acute kidney injury, bilateral eye ecchymosis - an egregiously serious black eye, and thoracic outlet syndrome. During the assault at the D.C. Jail Ryan was zip tied with his hands behind his back - for so long that it caused permanent vein damage such that he now suffers from partial blindness in his right eye, has lost mobility of his right arm and hand, and endures chronic pain. Now, more than ten months after his initial detention, Ryan has been bounced between jails - first the D.C. Jail, whose maladies have been the subject of public criticism, then to three different state facilities across Virginia for the purported purpose of providing him with necessary medical treatment.
Instead, Ryan has faced deplorable conditions, denied access to his own medical records, let alone treatment for the conditions detailed in those records, and assaulted by correctional officers at three different institutions. All while being kept in solitary confinement and not allowed to shower, shave, or have commissary. Ryan has received limited medical treatment, has no access to books or other reading materials, including the materials necessary to prepare his defense, and has been denied religious services.
Why does he continue to be assaulted? Why does he remain in solitary confinement? Why deny his access to medical care (let alone his own medical records)? Why even keep him detained? Ryan needs your help to answer these questions, and to tell the story of what actually happened on January 6 as well as what has happened since.

Thank you, and God Bless.