Friends in Christ & Patriots

Some of you may already be aware of my ongoing 10-year ministry as Badass Uncle Sam. and Infowars: htts:// 

It has been my calling to get God's Word out to those that may otherwise never hear it. Along the way I've fended off attacks from those that would wish to silence the Truth. Two recent attacks have impaired my ability, as we are now facing our biggest challenges. Hence I'm asking for your help to come back - bigger and BADDER than ever! 

In October I was struck down by what doctors said was one of the worst cases of Coronavirus they have seen in the past 2-years. Over the next 30-days I faught off the treatments that were sure to have killed me, as doctors refused my requests for treatments that would have healed. If not for God's Grace, your prayers, and a few Angelic Nurses, I would not be here now. 

Upon return home, the 2nd attack came when I discovered that my computer hard-drive had been destroyed, wiping out years of work and software. The loss of income and cost of new equipment has depleted my resouces. 

Now more than ever I need your help to get back in the fight. Only not just to get back, but to take it to another level, and strike a blow at the Mammon Heart of Evil. The goal is to refit the BAUS-Wagon with upgrades, and eventually take the ministry across America. 

It is said that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I might add to that. "What doesn't kill me, better start running." 

Help me to get stronger, so we can put them on the run. 

For God and the Republic,
Michael DiBari, aka; Badass Uncle Sam 

"And we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God,
to them who are called according to his purpose."
                                                                                                 Romans 8:28, KJB