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Goal: USD $20,000
Raised: USD $ 6,135
Government overreach is out of control and we have had enough! From the school boards and the City Council to the County Commisioners and the Health Department, government officials have been breaking the law for years! Recalls, lawsuits & holding government officials (both elected & appointed) accountable for their actions comes at a cost. But, WE HAVE A PLAN, starting with the first lawsuit being filed as soon as we raise the funds and then subsequent filings based upon our continued fundraising success. The funds will go to our attorney, Jimmy Thomas, to help fight illegal practices in the county. Jimmy has successfully been fighting Covid lockdowns and unconstituational statutes across the state since the mandates started in 2020 for college students, athletes and Michigan's citizens. We will not continue to be fooled by the false promises and blatent lies of our local, county & state leaders. We need to put an end to their tyrannical rule for good! We must stop the mandates! No more mandatory masks, vaccines, testing, quarantines and especially, no more segregation that results from these illegal mandates! As our county FLIPS, stand with us and fight for Freedom, Liberty, Independence, Patriotism & Solidarity.



April 25, 2022
April 25, 2022
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We wanted to let you all know that our court date has been postponed until May 9th. We will continue to update you if anything else develops. Thank you for your continued support! Keep the prayers coming : )

Update: April 7, 2022
April 7, 2022
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We have a wonderful announcement.....The lawsuit has officially been filed! Both parties have been served & the ball is finally rolling. It has taken some time, but that's OK because we are on God's time & he has led us successfully up to this point & will continue to guide us in our journey the rest of the way. THANK YOU to everyone that has supported us on this journey, hopefully this lawsuit will help everyone in the county & the state of MI.

We are doing a Facebook Live post today (Thurs 4/7) at 2:00pm on our GCFLIPS page, tune in for more information!

Update Feb 17, 2022
February 18, 2022
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Update #1
February 17, 2022, 11:27 pm

The research is complete and the lawsuit is underway! Our attorney, Jimmy Thomas, is working on getting a case filed against a government official who is illegally holding office here in MI. We are making case law history, as a suit like this has not yet been filed in our state. But as with all lawsuits, legal fees must be paid and that is where we NEED YOUR HELP. Please consider donating today to help us hold our government officials accountable!

Even after the first lawsuit is officially filed we will continue standing up for Michigan\'s citizens! Fighting medical injustice, finding & vetting electoral candidates, promoting civic action, educating citizens on their rights & responsibilities and holding government officials responsible for their actions are priorities for GCFLIPS! Thank you for supporting us today. God bless!

*At the moment, specific details about the case cannot be shared until it is officially filed. Please understand the importance of this. We will post another update as soon as we can!


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