The story of Melissa "Lisa" Hanson is one that the governing officials don't want you to hear. They don't want you to hear it because she has challenged their unhinged, unconstitutional, power hungry edicts that have been forced upon and shoved down the throats of We The People for far too long. These governing officials, judges and elected servants are scared that people might find out that they don't have the authority they say they do. They're scared that people might wake up to their mockery of the Constitution of the United States of America. They want to make Lisa the example of what happens to those that challenge their rules and commands by throwing her into jail and hitting her with fines to crush her financially so that no one in Minnesota, nay, the entire United States of America ever challenge them again. Should We The People follow the law? Of course, but only if it is upheld by the law of the land; The US Constitution.

So are we going to stand by and watch as this tyranny unfolds? 

Lisa simply sighted her 14th amendment rights to life, Liberty, and property and decided that she wasn't breaking any law by deliberately violating Tim Walz unlawful executive orders to shut Minnesota down. These executive orders didn't only violate the US Constitution by taking away the right to life and Liberty but they also violated MN statutory law. Lisa had and has every right to be free and try to keep her business afloat. Unfortunately, the corruption in her own city of Albert Lea, MN runs very deep. 

As of December 9th, Lisa has been brought into custody after a very bias trial that violated many laws ended with her being convicted on the six criminal charges she was charged with. Her sentence is 90 days and maximum fines simply for opening her restaurant. Seven years of good history as a business and a lifetime as an upstanding citizen, she now sits in jail for 90 days with tens of thousands of dollars worth of fines.

so I ask again, are we going to stand and watch this tyranny unfold? 

No way! This legal fight is only just beginning. As Lisa has fought this seemingly impossible battle she hasn't done it alone. Her husband, Vern, has been by her side every step of the way supporting her through thick and thin. Countless supporters have organized rallies, protests, information workshops and classes to get people educated on their constitutional rights and freedoms as well as helping Lisa with her legal fight against the State of Minnesota. The fight for our Constitution, for We The People, for our children and grandchildren, this fight is only beginning. This is The Stand For Liberty!

There are many ways to get involved and be a support durring these trying times.

One way is financially, which is probably the easiest, most comfortable way. 

Unfortunately, for comforts sake, there has to be more than that. We The People need to start using our voice. 

It may be uncomfortable. It may even cost us something. Dare I say it may cost our physical freedom? 

Lisa has not been comfortable as she’s worked on thousands of pages of legal documents to try and defend the constitution to insure we can continue to enjoy simple freedoms such as working to provide a life for oneself, it’s cost her thousands of dollars, thousands of hours, and time, which is priceless. And now she has been thrown in jail. 

Lisa’s story isn’t over by a long shot. The tyrants that did this to her will have their day in court and justice will come.

But for now use your voice. Tell Lisa’s story and don’t forget it. Let these tyrants know that we see what they’re doing and they will be held accountable for their violations of OUR Constitution. We The People will not be silent. For liberty’s sake, We can’t be.

Stand For Liberty.