Wheelchair Accessible Van for Jay Favors

Campaign Created by: Denise Ray

The funds from this campaign will be received by Denise Ray.

Goal: USD $35,000
Raised: USD $ 3,150
Jasiel Favors, known as Jay to his friends, is a wonderfully articulate, humble, and engaging young man who was injured in a head-to-head collision during a Stony Point High School football game in 2015, leaving him quadraplegic. He was just 16 at the time. Jay is still an avid football fan to this day, citing stats and following the latest news. We met this young man recently when we were looking to bless some families with a Thanksgiving meal, and instead WE found ourselves blessed. Jay sustained injuries that have left him dependent on others for his every need. After the accident, the community managed to generously raise money for a wheelchair accessible van to aid his mother in transporting him. Having the van allowed her to transport him with greater ease as he is completely reliant on his motorized wheelchair. Misfortune once again befell the Favors family when their precious van was totaled in an automobile accident. This presents a burden on them for multiple reasons, one being that he lacks the core strength to hold himself upright, even in a seat belt. Another challenge it presents is the coordination of effort to transport him in the family vehicle. They do have medical transport service available for medical appointments; however, insurance does not cover additional services such as dental visits or outings. This would all be incurred by the family, who struggles to provide the most basic necessities. With his mother's full time job working long arduous hours, Jay must unfortunately spend the majority of his days confined to the walls of their humble apartment with little outside interaction or exposure. Our wish for Jay and his family would be to help provide a wheelchair accessible van to improve his social and emotional well-being. He loves football, TCU Football, loves to go to the movies, and desires to attend church services. In reality, he would just love to have more access to PEOPLE. Conversations. Human interaction. Being outdoors basking in the warmth of the sun. All the things we take for granted. We are also looking for any connections to used vans, companies that could help with van conversions, corporate donors. We would love to help make this family's life just a little less burdensome. We are humbly asking for help in blessing a family who is in such need of this gift! 


What's Jay been up to ?
July 10, 2022
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When we first met Jay in November 2021, he was suffering from the effects of isolation and the Pandemic. He was too thin for his frame, had severe social anxiety, and avoided being around others for fear of them seeing his "shell" of a body instead of the inspiring young man he actually is. Since that fateful day in November, Jay isn't only thriving, but he is blossoming. With his new van, generously donated by Round Rock Express and the Nolan Ryan Foundation, Jay has had a new lease on life. Not only is he able to attend church with his family, he recently made the decision to get baptized, boldly living out his faith. One of Jay's greatest blessings is his new job working for RR Express Baseball. Even with the Texas summer heat, he never misses a home game and takes his work very seriously. Jay encompasses multiple roles while on the job; he distributes pamphlets, greets patrons, and helps guide them to their destination. He has expanded his circle of friends from not just fellow employees, but also regular attendees who look forward to seeing his friendly face at all the home games. Since RR Express and Nolan Ryan Foundation generously donated Jay's shiny new wheels, we worked with Jay to determine the best use of the donated funds from this campaign. We are happy to announce that your generous contributions all went to Jay's medical expenses to help pay for the cost of his wisdom teeth extractions last week. In usual Jay form, he tackled the surgery like a champ-just local anesthesia, never a complaint in spite of the discomfort and minimal swelling, and back to work the very next day. Jay has become a part of our family and such an integral part of our lives. It is our wish that you, too, might one day be blessed enough to meet this amazing young man. He will undoubtedly change your life.

March 1, 2022
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The sun was shining and the weather a perfect 62 degrees after multiple days of freezing temps. Jay arrived at Dell Diamond under the impression he was coming to support his friend Emma as she auditioned for the Round Rock Express National Anthem. Little did he know, the Ray family had been coordinating a surprise for Jay. Today, just over 2 months after beginning this quest to fund a van for Jay, that call for a miracle was answered by local Round Rock angels. Round Rock Express Baseball and the Nolan Ryan Foundation generously gifted Jay a beautiful 2018 wheelchair accessible Chrysler Pacifica with all the bells and whistles. Even more amazing, Jay was offered a position to join gameday staff for the 2022 baseball season. We are so humbled and grateful to these amazing organizations for their generosity as well as their pledge to give back to the local community. This van was just the miracle Jay and his family needed so desperately. It will allow Jay to create new memories, meet new people, and to inspire others with his determination, resilience, and positive spirit. 

With any previous and future donations, we have plans to help Jay\'s family fund the purchase of a recliner, specially designed to support his posture as his atrophied back muscles have caused scoliosis and no longer provides the core strength for him to remain upright. A recliner will give him an alternate place to rest and out of his bed and wheelchair. We also wish to help Jay with the purchase of a quadstick (and Xbox or Playstation), which would allow him do what he once enjoyed so greatly--play video games like other young men his age. A quadstick is an innovative device used by individuals like Jay who suffer from quadriplegia and would allow gaming through the use of his mouth.

On behalf of the Favors family and all who love and adore Jay, we humbly thank you all for your prayers and generous donations.

With a new set of wheels, let the adventures begin! Jay\'s first request is to eat out at a restaurant. We wonder where he\'ll choose to go!

The Magic of Christmas
December 25, 2021
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Today our neighbor (and Jay's new friend) Valerie helped Jay to experience some Christmas Eve Magic. Val once again used her personal wheelchair van to take Jay to our traditional candlelight Christmas Eve service.  We enjoyed Christmas carols, hot chocolate, and even some snow! Best of all, Pastor Tim delivered a beautiful message of Christmas, the Good News that our Lord and Savior came to save the world and is the greatest gift of all time. The look of wonderment on Jay's face as he witnessed snow falling and O Holy Night being sung in the background was the best gift of the Season for us. 

We humbly express our gratitude and deep appreciation for those who have generously donated toward our goal of a new wheelchair van for Jay. We understand that Christmas is a time when funds are limited and with current economic conditions, it is a tremendous sacrifice and hardship for so many. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and messages of love and hope. We continue to pray for additional funds through corporate and private donors. Please share this campaign with others as you feel led. The gift of a wheelchair van for Jay would afford him the ability to attend church services with us and other events more regularly. 

We have come to love Jay as one of our own in such a short time. We have seen the stirring of his passions and awakened desires to get back out in the world. To know Jay is to love him. To know Jay is to admire him for his strength and character. To know Jay is to be taken in by his charm and wit. To love Jay is to be forever changed.  

Wishing you all love and peace this Holiday Season!

Mall Day!
December 16, 2021
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Today was a big day for Jay--it was MALL day! One of our friends/neighbors, Valerie, blessed us by taking time out of her busy work schedule to give Jay a ride to the mall in her wheelchair accessible van. Valerie, whose adult son has Muscular Dystrophy, understands more than anybody the need for access to a wheelchair van. As we entered the mall, Jay's eyes widened in amazement. "This is like a different world. I don't think I've been to the mall since I was a junior in high school." 5 WHOLE YEARS AGO. Christmas decorations. Sounds of laughter. Dazzling Christmas lights. Infectious smiles. All the things we take for granted. While enjoying lunch at the food court and taking in the sights, we all came to the conclusion that becoming quadriplegic has taken a toll on more than just Jay's physical abilities. In spite of his amazingly positive attitude, his injuries have undoubtedly had an impact on his mental health. Additionally, as with most of our nation, the Pandemic, social distancing, and social isolation have resulted in the detrimental loss of proper socialization, increased social anxiety, depression, and anxiety. Like many of us, Jay didn't realize just how much he had regressed or how much of the world he was missing. While it was exhilarating to once again engage with strangers-- through conversations, smiles, & eye contact, there was also an element of hesitancy and uncertainty. The boy, whose confidence once made him feel 5 feet taller than his 5'6" stature and whose swagger and charm could make any girl blush, was once again learning how to reemerge from his cocoon after a long hibernation. As contagious as Jay's enthusiasm was, I still couldn't manage to convince him to see Santa! He is already anticipating his next outing and upcoming trip to church for Christmas Eve Candelight Service, thanks again to Ms. Valerie for her generous and loving spirit.


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