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Campaign Created by: Scott Turco

The funds from this campaign will be received by Louisa Pazienza.

Goal : USD $20,000
Raised : USD $195

Dear Friends,
My name is Scott. I am launching this fundraiser on behalf of my friend Louisa, the researcher and journalist of The Goldfish Report. For over 10 years, Louisa has been in litigation over her constitutional rights, the custody rights of her children, and her home arose from a highly malicious divorce, which is now damage done. Due to the constant use of unconstitutional Lawfare directed against her, Louisa was forced into bankruptcy. Yesterday on Thanksgiving Day she received a letter from the U.S. Federal Court in Trenton NJ ordering the remanding of constitutional violations perpetrated against her back to the Superior Court who violated those constitutional rights, thus effectively refusing to hear her case. As Louisa is berift of finances, she has been forced to represent herself in court and has currently not been able to obtain the assistance of legal counsel. The document she received on Thanksgiving prevents her from the protections guaranteed under the constitution by the usurpation of due process. This act has effectively turned her into a person without human rights because in actuality this Court Order will require her to hire counsel she obviously cannot afford.
In summary, Louisa needs help desperately. She needs to be able to hire skilled attourneys in order to extricate herself and her daughters from this nightmare scenario. The funds raised are for this purpose.  She has been living under the poverty level for a decade. If she loses, she potentially loses her custody of her daughters. This scenario needs to end. Forced into poverty. Practically forced to sell everything of value she had, including the locket with her father’s picture out of desperation. I am hoping good people will see this and will come to the aid of a kind and decent human being. In the interest of disclosure, I am simply wanting to help a friend who resides several hours away and in a completely different state. It is my hope that you will want to help her as well.


Press Release:
December 9, 2021
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November 26, 2021 - a U.S. District court in Trenton NJ has decided to remand a pro se’ case of a divorced mother of two about First Amendment protections to the very same court who violated her due process, civil liberties and constitutional rights to freedom of assembly and free speech. In court documents the mother,  ‘Louisa’, temporarily lost custody of her children after a New Jersey Superior court judge ordered removal of her parental custody after she and her daughters attended a Governor Christie Town Hall meeting where she peacefully expressed lack of due process in the courts.

This federal court decision confirms her concerns that she voiced at the town hall meeting, a public forum which gave citizens an opportunity to ask for redress of greivance from their elected officials.

At a second subsequent town hall meeting, two years later, Louisa informed Governor Christie of retaliation of a judge for attending a prior town hall meeting. Governor Christie gave her lip service and an offer to help but later, his office did not genuinely try to help her. That c-span exchange can be viewed here
First, was the witch hunt to find any possible element of her life that could be distorted or manipulated to create a false narrative which  costs a small fortune to defend, even General Flynn had to sell his home to defend the fake narrative against him in court. We have also seen false narratives pushed against even the President of the United States Donald J. Trump in which his defense cost millions of dollars.

Second was the push of the false narrative over and over again without any fact finding hearings to determine facts. Each step of the process the court relied upon heresay accusations from the spouse, who is a high level software engineer earning six figures. The mother was given no joint marital funds to defend herself from the malicious witch hunt that convinced her “if this could happen to me in America, this can happen to anyone. Simply put there is no meaningful oversight or accountability of the courts.

Surprisingly there weren’t large assets to be settled in the divorce, which gives more weight to a motive of political retribution against criticizing the courts and possible conspiracy of Deprivation of Rights under color of law. The mother plans to appeal this to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals Pro Se’ since the litigation has forced her into bankruptcy, though pro se’ litigants are typically dismissed in court.

Ultimately this case will prove if America actually has courts that protect the constitution or if the courts are a mere tool for political retribution, character and financial assassination.

For anyone who would like to help Louisa fight for her First Amendment protections and civil rights, who is in urgent need of legal counsel, there is a GoFundMe page set up by a family friend at ..........   .


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