Matt is one of the unfortunate people who entered into the capitol on January 6th. As a patriotic American he went to DC in January because he believed that our right to vote and have our votes counted matters.

He did not go with any bad intentions. He went to support our president, our constitution and the right to free and fair elections. 

He did not assault any police officers, destroy or vandalize the building, and he spent less than 13 minutes inside the capitol. While inside he was recorded on a live stream stopping people from damaging offices and encouraging people not to break or steal anything from the capitol. He spoke with officers while inside and was even seen on cctv footage fist bumping the police officers when he entered the building. 

On January 17th the FBI raided his home with upwards of 25 agents armed with fully automatic machine guns, swat/anti terrorism teams who searched his home for over 4 hours afterwards arresting him. He was held at gunpoint in the front yard of his home while the FBI conducted their raid with neighbors and passerby’s seeing it all happen with his family inside. Prior to his arrest he was doxxed on social media and fired from his job as a result. His phone number and home address were shared on social media and he was harassed non stop receiving multiple death threats. 

Following his arrest he has worked tirelessly to re-establish himself professionally and put this behind him. His incarceration is a major setback to the forward progress he has worked so hard to accomplish. 

He pled guilty to a charge of parading, picketing or demonstrating inside of a capitol building which is a misdemeanor. 

The US Department of Justice was seeking a period of home confinement and probation for his charge but Judge Chutkan stated that she wanted to make an example of him for the world to see and sentenced him to 45 days in federal prison. She also made sure to use her judicial bench as a political podium to assert her personal opinions of the countless riots in 2019 as “mostly peaceful”. Judge Chutkan made this about her personal feelings and not the case at hand showing her absolute bias. 

Matt is the provider for his wife and two young children and his incarceration, loss of job and legal expenses has financially crippled their family. 

We are asking that anyone who may have the means to do so help this family to get back on their feet to help cover the legal expenses and household bills while he is held as a political prisoner for his parading charge. 

Thank you and God bless. Please send prayers to this family on their road to recovery.