No matter what side of the aisle you are on, you may find yourself in a position that you want the right to say "NO." Now is the time to stand up against tyranny, as he who remains silent is seen to consent. 

 For the last 20 months Southcoast Health Care Workers and support staff, have had a central role in providing care to everyone in our community, including patients affected by Covid-19. We did so without adequate PPE, short staffing, and at our own personal risk for a then, poorly understood virus. We did so because it is in our nature to provide care. We are qualified, competent and able bodied workers who understand very acutely the role we have been called to in this society, in the community that we also call home. 

Sadly we are being, forced, coerced, and bullied into taking an experimental, fast tracked vaccine. An intervention that has limited safety data, no long term safety studies, and ongoing efficacy data that is declining. Many of us had Coivd-19 ourselves and have robust, natural immunity. Others have relied upon healthy lifestyles to support our immune systems through preventative health measures and are educating ourselves on emerging evidence of preventative and early treatment options.  Either way, per the CDC both vaccinated and unvaccinated continue to be at risk of getting and transmitting this virus, as the vaccine only demonstrates that it may reduce severity of disease and hospitalization. 

No one should ever be forced to take a medical intervention against their will simply to be part of society, including health care workers. For many it is a personal decision, for others they have a medical condition that places them at greater risk for reaction to the vaccine and others have sincere religious beliefs against vaccination. Despite Equal Opportunity Employment laws that prevent companies from discriminating against workers for race, gender, religious beliefs, disability, etc., Southcoast Health Care is claiming that we pose a threat to the other staff and patients by not being vaccinated. They are using a loophole to deny reasonable accommodations, such as use of masks and testing, to deny our medical and religious exemptions.

We are dedicated, competent and qualified staff that are being terminated, which leaves the hospital system in jeopardy of no longer being able to provide the high quality of care due to understaffing. From cafeteria closures and long wait times to limited access to preventative care and higher patient/nurse ratios, the quality of care our loved ones receive will diminish. Costs will go up as Southcoast Health is seeking to fill positions with under qualified, traveling staff at 4-6 x the rate of our own dedicated staff members. 

We recognize that the availability of this vaccine is one part of defense against moving past this pandemic and for those who want it, we are glad it is available. We also recognize that there is NEVER a one size fits all solution in medicine. Each individual is unique in their genetics and health conditions, as well as in their preferences for the type of health care they seek. The push for individualized health care has been the path for a long time and this is no different: the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time. This virus poses a risk to individuals in the community, but so does this vaccine. Each individual needs to be able to evaluate the risk/benefit ratio against their individual circumstances to make a fully informed choice. This is not selfish, but truly an act of self-care, and in this way each person is able to bring their best health forward. 

We ask you to join us by supporting our legal action against Southcoast Health Systems not just for wrongful termination, but in our fight to maintain medical and religious freedoms, bodily autonomy, and the ability to maintain equal participation in society without discrimination, or segregation. In the not so distant past, our national heroes fought for us so that we could have equality for all, but we are at risk of losing the liberties that people gave their lives for. Support us so that future generations can enjoy the freedoms guaranteed to us in our constitution; a country of the people, by the people, and for the people. If you leave your children a world in which you never stood up, they will inherit a world where they can’t.

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