Nutshell Overview: My lawsuit challenges Delaware’s unconstitutional bar admission rules that exclude out-of-state attorneys from the Bar so that Delaware can pocket $2.6 BILLION A YEAR. If I am successful, it will open up the door for hundreds of qualified attorneys from all 50 states to become licensed in the corporate capital of the world. No longer will the Delaware Bar be an exclusive club of self-interested incumbents aiding and abetting evil corporations—like George Soros’ investment company—and pocketing billions a year. Soon, any person harmed by a Delaware corporate giant will have no barriers prohibiting them from bringing the evildoers to justice.
Detailed Summary:
Have you ever heard the phrase “follow the money”? In our Nation, if you were to “follow the money” which fuels all the most evil corporations in America like BlackRock, Vanguard, the major social media outlets, big pharma (including the manufacturers of the COVID vaccines)—and George Soros’ company “Soros Fund Management LLC”—the trail would lead you back to Delaware every time. Delaware is the corporate capital of the world, and the Delaware legal industry makes the State a whopping $2.6 BILLION A YEAR! There is no other state like it.
The Delaware Bar lures these corporations by offering them shady tax loopholes, an exclusive bar, and a corporate-friendly court system. Arguably the most important benefit to these corporations is the Delaware Bar’s limited and exclusive bar membership. The Delaware Bar keeps its bar small and limited to those few members who are complicit with “The Delaware Way.” In some circumstances, a corporate giant may only be sued by a plaintiff in their state of incorporation. Americans are currently at the mercy of whether a Delaware Lawyer will agree to take (or strictly oversee) their case. On the flip side, the corporate giants have teams of Delaware attorneys on retainer and ready to fight.

Delaware accomplishes their corporate corruption safe-haven by imposing burdensome restrictions on non-resident attorneys who would otherwise seek licensure in Delaware. Delaware is the only state in the U.S. to still impose a durational residency requirement (that is, a durational period one must be physically-present in the State as a prerequisite to admission). This is intended to exclude non-resident attorneys and keep the Bar an exclusive club of self-interested elites. Delaware requires an applicant to be physically present in the State and work full time for 5 months under the close observation of its members. The Bar does this so it can gauge the applicant’s political affiliations as well as their amenability to the Bar’s practices.
Delaware also requires that the applicant be “vouched” for by a “Preceptor” (a 10-year veteran of the Bar) who attests that the applicant is complicit with the practices of its exclusive club. If the Bar does not like an applicant (usually because of their conservative values), it will intentionally sabotage their admissions process by colluding with the applicant’s Preceptor and ordering them—with the threat of professional discipline should they not comply—to withdraw from the applicant’s application.

All of the admissions requirements I describe are unconstitutional on their faces. Requiring a non-resident lawyer to relocate and surrender his or her out-of-state law practice is never acceptable. It is further unconstitutional for one’s livelihood to be at the leisure and dictatorship of a prospective competitor.

Still don’t believe me about the systematic corruption in Delaware? Google the case of Page v. Oath Inc., 2021 Del. Super. LEXIS 27, *6, 2021 WL 482383 and see where a Delaware Judge recently took it upon himself to revoke the pro hac vice admission of an attorney after the judge snooped on the attorney’s social media accounts and learned he was a supporter of President Trump during the 2020 election result dispute. Whether one be liberal or conservative, I believe we can all agree that this is wrong; the right to practice one’s professional calling is not equivalent to a cool kids table at a local high school--that can eject members to satisfy personal feelings and entitlements.

Need For and Proposed Use of Funds
Not a single penny of funds will go to me personally. I am donating my own time and providing my own legal talents for free. I have also fronted the filing feels and initial costs of this lawsuit.
I am one man (a recent law school graduate who has never practiced law) that is about to wage a war against an army of elite; ivy-league veterans with endless funds seeking to safeguard their exclusive cash cow. I am asking for funding to obtain the necessary assistance I need to stand a fighting chance. I am asking for assistance so that I can conduct depositions (recorded interviews where you ask witnesses/defendants questions in front of a transcriber) which cost thousands of dollars each just to pay the transcriber.

Due to the complexity and importance of this case, I have also asked the federal court to appoint a Special Master to preside over this case. A Special Master is someone who specializes in a particular area of law and is appointed to stand in place of the judge due to their expertise in that area. This is crucial in this case, as it will ensure that the case gets a well-educated decision from an expert and not an overburdened general-practice judge. Should the judge grant my request, I will have to pay for this Special Master which could be tens of thousands of dollars. But, a special master is our only hope of obtaining an impartial decision.
Lastly, I need funding so that I can try to bring in a lawyer that can give me a second pair of eyes. Going at this alone is an uphill battle even for the best attorney in the world.

About Me:
I graduated third in my class from Concordia University School of Law in May of 2019. After which, I moved from Idaho to Delaware and sat for the Delaware Bar Exam and passed it on the first take. For the next two years I endured a battle that was so disturbing and suspenseful it could be the subject of a novel. In short, the Delaware Bar attempted to use its unconstitutional admissions requirements to try and sabotage and needlessly delay my admission; the profession I worked my whole life to attain. I then began a two-year investigation and discovered a network of systematic corruption.

I chose to file this lawsuit and sacrifice my career because I wanted to make certain that this egregious injustice never happened to any other person, regardless of who they are. The Constitution does not tolerate the infringement and sabotaging of one’s livelihood in ways that contravene the Constitution, regardless of one's past record or their residency. The second we begin ignoring constitutional mandates on account of the offenses for which one is accused—or the origin of one’s homeland—is the very second our Constitution becomes meaningless.

I personally felt the Lord was calling me to bring this cause of action even though it will ruin my legal career. After what I have seen and endured the past two years, I would never be happy with myself if I just remained quiet, followed the crowd, and got admitted to the elite club. I knew I was meant to bring this challenge regardless of whether I ultimately win or lose.

If you have read this far, thank you. If you are unable to donate, then please consider lending me a prayer. I could use prayers for my family and I’s safety during this case as well as for health, focus, and discernment from Jesus Christ. It was Jesus that gave me the strength, creativity, and motivation to bring this suit and he gets the glory for all of this. He just chose to use me to execute his purposes.