​​​​​​My name is Victor Lawrence.  I am 54 years old, a devout Catholic Christian and I've been a professional in the radio broadcasting industry for nearly 30 years.  I've also been totally blind since birth.

The purpose of my fundraising campaign is to raise enough money to start my own audio production  enterprise  and pay my living expenses while I build my business.

as an  audio production  professional/broadcaster I will record voiceovers for radio, television and other media.  In addition, I will produce and host my own unique and original podcasts.  I have spent much of my career helping to build, guide and manage a very innovative youth-oriented Christian radio station.

Due to the changing nature of radio broadcasting, the growth of podcasting, the growth of internet audio in general and other factors, God led us to sell the radio ministry in June of 2021.

In October I relocated from Reno Nevada to Eugene Oregon to reside in a community that might be more supportive of my personal and professional goals.

As I've stated, the purpose of my fundraising campaign is to raise enough money to start my business and pay my living expenses while I build the business.

The costs of building my business will include the purchase of a computer, a studio-quality microphone, software, a refreshable Braille display which will assist me with reading my broadcast material,  marketing tools and miscellaneous expenses.

My personal living expenses will include rent, groceries, utilities, transportation, some necessary dental work and miscellaneous expenses.

I will need to raise approxemately $30000 to meet my business and living expenses for the first year and about $2500 each month to meet my monthly expenses.

   My financial estimates are conservative and will be adjusted as needed and as milestones are reached.

As someone who has been blind since birth, I have overcome many challenges throughout my life.  Including obtaining gainful employment.  But due to the changing nature of the workforce, changing economic conditions, my age, my disability, my desires and other factors, it is high time for me to realize my desires and goals.  I want to continue to be a productive member of society without relying on government assistance.  I know that starting my own business utilizing my skills doing what I love is the best option for me.

When you invest in my campaign, you will be investing in my present, and in my future.  You will help me achieve my personal and professional goals and fulfill my potential.

I am looking forward to this new venture and your participation in it.  As it advances, I will keep you informed of my progress with regular updates.

In addition to your financial investment, I ask for your fervent prayers for the success of my endeavor.

Thank you very much for partnering with me.

God bless you,

Victor Lawrence